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Workshop at ISMAR 2007: Mixed Reality Entertainment and Art Workshop Dinner and Zazen Experience

It will include a unique and amazing cultural experience of Zen meditation (Zazen.) lesson by a famous Zen master in the temple. This will be followed by a traditional Japanese Zen Temple (Senkoji) dinner and fine sake and beer. The very ancient temple (from 634AD) is located on a mountain top and it is in the center of Zen culture Nara. You can enjoy a once in a lifetime cultural experience, rarely experienced by tourists.

Senkoji Temple
Shojin Ryori (Temple meals) Shojin Ryori (Temple meals)

Final Cost = 6000 Yen, this includes dinner fee, zazen meditation fee, taxi to and from temple from Higashiyama station, and donation to temple for use of temple.

The fee will be collected during the workshop, please pay by Japanese Yen cash the exact amount. A receipt will be given upon request.

Extra essential costs:
Depart Train ticket from Kintetsu Nara to Higashiyama 340 YEN
Return Train ticker from Higashiyama to JR Nara 250 YEN (Kintetsu) + 290 YEN (JR) (Note, the price may be less or more depending on where is the nearest station to your hotel)

Other Optional Costs
Purchase of alcohol (beer, sake etc.) in Mini mart at Nara station

Final schedule is below:

17:00 Workshop 2 Keynote Speech Finish

17:10 Walk from Nara-ken New Public Hall to Kintetsu Nara station ~15 minutes walk

17:30 - 17:45 Optional purchase of alcohol in Mini-Mart. The temple priest said we can freely bring our own alcoholic drinks for having together with the dinner after the Zazen meditation. Please purchase (beer, sake etc.) according to your own requirements during this time.

17min Kintetsu Nara Line Exp.
18:14 IKOMA


18:18 IKOMA
Kintetsu Ikoma Line

Taxi from Higashiyama station to Senkoji Temple.
We will inform the taxi driver exactly where to go. It is about 3km up the mountain from the station (walking takes approximately 50 minutes).

~7PM start Zazen and dinner
~9PM finish Zazen and dinner
(Note:participants may stay longer if they wish for more talking and drinking)

Taxi from Senkoji Temple to Higashiyama station

We will return to JR Nara station from Higashiyama station, however, if your hotel is in a different area, you may return by train to any other point in Nara. Nara train map may be found here:

(The return train is tentative schedule, one can catch later train if one wants to stay longer)

15min Kintetsu Ikoma Line
21:45 OJI(NARA)


21:50 OJI(NARA)
16min JR Yamatoji Line
22:06 JR NARA

(Some relevant maps and details are attached, sorry some are in Japanese only)

Map Welcome to Nara.
Nara Train Map
Map 1
Map 2¦ñTÇÜt¦îF+»püôpéÖF¬¼µÿÄ..pdf
Map 3

The Zen master and priest has strict requirements, and we need to inform him exactly who will enter the inner chamber of temple. We need to do necessary arrangement for this special event urgently. If you are interested to experience this life time opportunity, please inform us as soon as possible. We would really appreciate if you inform us by 02/11/2007. We will need your name, nationality, and passport number. Please send the email urgently to gro.balytilaerdexim|pohskrow-ae-ramsi#gro.balytilaerdexim|pohskrow-ae-ramsi

Best Regards,
ISMAR Workshop Organizing Committee

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