9:15 – 9:30 Welcome Message and Overview
Adrian David Cheok and Michael Haller
9:30 – 11:10 Gaming & Edutainment
Live Video and Augmented Reality over Internet as Entertainment for Dogs
Charles Woodward and Jaakko Mononen
AR Squash Game
Seok-Han Lee and Jong-Soo Choi
wIzQubesTM – A Novel Tangible Interface for Interactive Storytelling in Mixed Reality
Steven Zhou ZhiYing and Adrian David Cheok
Geometry Education using Augmented Reality
Van Trien Do and Jong Weon Lee
Creating Emotional Feeling based on AR Game
Yong-Mun Park, Hae-Ryong Lee, Kwang-Roh Park, Dongwook Lee, Kwan Jang, and Minsoo Hahn
11:10– 11:20 Break
11:20 – 13:00 Inside Technology and Next Generation Experience
MR-Based PreViz Systems for Filmmaking: On-set Camera-Work Authoring and Action Rehearsal
Ryosuke Ichikari, Ryuhei Tenmoku, Fumihisa Shibata, Toshikazu Ohshima, and Hideyuki Tamura
Augmented Exhibitions Using Natural Feature
Quan Wang, Jonathan Mooser, Suya You, and Ulrich Neumann
Novel interfaces for social and tangible interaction between remote Persons
James KS Teh, Adrian David Cheok, Roshan Peiris, Thuong Vuong, Sha Lai, and Yongsoon Choi
Loosely coupled Mixed Reality
Gerard J. Kim
The invisible e-performance base on texture neutralization with a projector-camera system
Chang Ok Yun, Young Bo Lee, Tae Soo Yun, and Dong Hoon Lee
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch Lunch boxes (BENTO) will provided by ISMAR conference for people who registered to full-day tutorial, workshop and/or full-access
14:00 – 15:40 Art & Installations
Bridging the gap between real and virtual objects for tabletop games
Jakob Leitner, Christina Köffel, and Michael Haller
Flow of Enjoyment in the Context of Interactive Installation
Tan Wei Kian
Study of the Dynamic Exhibition Space Based on Art
Byoung Chul Kim, Jae young Lee, Yong In Yoon, and Jong Soo Choi
Puni Puni Light
Yusuke Sekiya, Ichiroh Kanaya, and Kosuke Sato
An Emotionally Responsive AR Art Installation
Stephen W. Gilroy, Marc Cavazza1, Rémi Chaignon, Satu-Marja Mäkelä, Markus Niiranen, Elisabeth André, Thurid Vogt, Mark Billinghurst, Hartmut Seichter, and Maurice Benayoun
15:40 – 16:00 Break
16:00 – 17:00 Keynote Talk : Special Noh Theatre Performance of Research Collaboration for “Humorous Interaction” 2-Man Stand-Up Comedy (Manzai) with a Robot
Speakers: JUNICHI OSADA & ZENJIRO and PaPeRo ROBOT. Junichi Osada is a senior designer at NEC Design, Ltd. Zenjiro is a famous comedian in Japan.
17:00 onwards Optional Social Event: Zazen and Temple Dinner in Senkoji, Nara

Final ISMAR Workshop Proceedings:

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