Accepted Papers

Title: “Flow of Enjoyment in the Context of Interactive Installation”
Authors: Tan Wei Kian

Title: “Geometry Education using Augmented Reality”
Authors: Van Trien Do and Jong Weon Lee

Title: “Study of the Dynamic Exhibition Space Based on AR”
Authors: Byoung Chul Kim and Jong Soo Choi

Title: “The invisible e-performance base on texture neutralization with a projector-camera system”
Authors: Chang Ok Yun, Young Bo Lee, Tae Soo Yun, and Dong Hoon Lee

Title: “MR Game with Real Creature”
Authors: Jung Hoon Kim, Jae Ik Jo, Tae Soo Yun, and Dong Hoon Lee

Title: “Bridging the gap between real and virtual objects for tabletop games”
Authors: Jakob Leitner, Christina Köffel, and Michael Haller

Title: “AR Squash Game”
Authors: Seok-Han Lee and Jong-Soo Choi

Title: “Creating Emotional Feeling based on AR Game”
Authors: Yong-Mun Park, Hae-Ryong Lee, Kwang-Roh Park , Dongwook Lee, and Minsoo Hahn

Title: “Puni Puni Light”
Authors: Yusuke Sekiya, Ichiroh Kanaya, and Kosuke Sato

Title: “Augmented Exhibitions Using Natural Feature”
Authors: Quan Wang, Jonathan Mooser, and Suya You

Title: “wIzQubesTM – A Novel Tangible Interface for Interactive Storytelling in Mixed Reality”
Authors: ZhiYing Zhou and Adrian David Cheok

Title: “An Emotionally Responsive AR Art Installation”
Authors: Stephen W. Gilroy, Marc Cavazza, Rémi Chaignon, Satu-Marja Mäkelä, Markus Niiranen, Elisabeth André, Thurid Vogt, Mark Billinghurst, Hartmut Seichter, and Maurice Benayoun

Title: “Novel interfaces for social and tangible interaction between remote Persons”
Authors: James KS Teh, Adrian David Cheok, Roshan Peiris, Thuong Vuong, Sha Lai, and Yongsoon Choi

Title: “Design and Prototype Implementation of MR Pre-Visualization Workflow”
Authors: Ryuhei Tenmoku, Ryosuke Ichikari, Fumihisa Shibata, Asako Kimura, and Hideyuki Tamura

Title: “TelePet - Live Internet Stimuli and Augmented Reality for Dogs and Masters”
Authors: Charles Woodward

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